Student Reflections on My Teaching

Virginia L. Byrne is an incredible facilitator and teacher. Whether it is understanding the weight of oppression, coming to terms with the responsibility of privilege, feeling the excitement of group synergy and brainstorming, or a quiet reflection on shared experiences, Virginia’s positive and powerful energy moves a group toward whatever learning outcome is the goal for that session. Virginia designed and facilitated some of the most eye-opening and energizing experiences I have had in my life.
Virginia is a talented activator. She has helped many young people to recognize their potential and their own path toward striving for a better world. Even two years since she has left our campus, I still hear of other students, whom she impacted in their early years at UMBC, that are now budding social activists, writers, social workers, lawyers and invested community members.
She is also an inspiring teacher. Virginia established a relationship of care and accountability with me and my cohort of peers in our Foundations of Leadership Course. During the course, Virginia found creative ways to engage us around the theories and models we were reading about. After the course ended, she continued to follow up with us, recognizing our accomplishments, supporting us through difficulties and using the material we learned to talk about current events and patterns we could see in the world. Virginia is an asset to any program looking to expand their impact on students, moving past passive learning, and into changing the world
— Emily, Undergraduate Student