Overview of Research

I situate myself as an equity researcher studying learners’ experiences with social media and online learning. Under this motivation, I have three research interests:

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Cyberbullying & its Chilling Effect on Online Engagement

As cyberbullying becomes more common among teens, particularly marginalized groups of girls and LGBT+ folks, I study how previously victimized learners bring their experiences and anxieties into online discussions, and how educators might respond.

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Student Feedback for Designing Online Courses

I am interested in how college instructors learn how to teach online by incorporating the voices of their students. I received a grant from NAGAP, the Association for Graduate Enrollment Management to study how student feedback can help graduate instructors learn how to foster an inclusive climate in their online classroom.

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College Students & Social Media

In collaboration with colleagues from across the country, I research how college students use social media to protest institutional racism.